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A view from the West

Featuring food, fuel and the future in Jersey

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Plus ca change.

I've been doing this journal thing for a decade now.  I don't post as much these days. It feels repetitive.  The topics I posted on in the early days are still hot, vital topics.   I have evolved and expanded my horticultural activities, but still organic, min till/soil disturbance and trying to  be biodiverse.  Climate change and its consequences are if anything bigger now than when I started.  Back in 2008 there was still a hope given enough political will and action to avoid the sort of levels of greenhouses gases and impacts that now seem assured to happen.

Today I read that the States are going to "start talking now" about sea level rises.  Not actual do antything, just  talk about having a plan?  https://jerseyeveningpost.com/news/2019/02/25/climate-change-100-year-plan-to-protect-jersey/ And we still haven't formally adopted the 2016 Paris agreement goals - our plant are still based on Kyoto.  I have friends who know about this stuff who are not too worried - they believe there is still a viable path to avoid catastrophic impacts.   I think it is ture that that there is path, but I think it is beyond govermments anr people to make the rapid deep changes needed to follow that path. 

I've long held, and still do, the only credible planetary geoengineering  approaches are mass reforestation and widespread agricultural practice change to facilitate soil carbon uptake.  Mass agricultural change take time, often a generation. Reforestation also takes time to be really effective, but at least it is happening. 



One of the big hopes for a technocratic solution is BECCS. But its barely there even at a pilot scale. https://www.drax.com/energy-policy/a-positive-negative/

Biodiversity loss has now made it to  mainstream media occasionally.   But the impact of knowing that we have lost so much seems to pass as a mere  curio  rather than a terrifying  impact .  https://news.nationalgeographic.com/news/2014/09/1409030-animals-wildlife-wwf-decline-science-world/ If the world economy or any major stock market collapsed 40% it would be in the newpapaers repeatedly.  Poiticians and economists would be on air arguing the  'facts' .  Yet it would likely recover as happened after the 'crash' of 2008.  Biodiversity isn't regained that quickly.  I know which I think is the more critical problem to be on top of.  But the human world cleary disagrees.

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Reality and Fact Check

NC (or Natural Capital) is a subjective measure, and has no basis in scientific measure. GDP however determines the basis of human existence and allows us to survive as a species which is why our longevity has increased by massive multiples compared to any other life form.

We have control over our existence and whilst some things work and others don't, we improve the human race year-on-year.

Governments have tried the left-wing hysteria about climate change, and the swing is now firmly behind the realisation of its existence but in the absence of any science proving it is human induced then it is incorrect to simply assume it so. It is like saying there is a god, without any proof.

Just a thought anyhow... Don't expect to persuade you, but to let you know that well... just maybe you are wrong.

Re: Reality and Fact Check

GDP is an economic measure and not a scientific one either.

You are wrong about proof. It is evidence that is the basis of decision making. And there is plenty of evidence the current rapid climate change is driven by the excess greenhouse gas production from human activities.

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