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lllness and indolence

Being a smallholder is rather like being self employed.  You carry all the responsibility and if you don't work you don't earn/eat.  If you are lucky you might qualify for Social Security benefits.  However since I grow to eat rather and for money, the income  is way below the threshold for  paying social security.  Thus no sickpay and no pension entitlements accruing.

So when I visit the doctor, as I did the other day, it tends to be for something persistent and troubling.  He pointed out the last time I was in his surgery was five years ago when I had bad sciatica.  A battery of samples were taken for testing. Most have to go to the hospital for analysis.  A few simple ones give immediate results.  His first suspicion was early onset diabetes.  But the blood pressure and blood sugars are normal.  I have a presciption to take if certain changes in symptoms appear, but in the mean time just have to wait a couple of weeks for the hospital results.  That's not the hard part.  Being told to rest, that's the hard part.  Indolence does not come easily (or cheaply) to me.

Fortunately I've just about finished cutting bracken - a job that constitutes seriously hard work.   A lot of the current activity is harvesting  which can be done gently and slowly.  The main thing that may have to be delayed is preparation of new beds for next year. That's a great pity as I had hoped to get the whole system up to full operation next year - all 100 beds and lays and chickens, leaf mold, compost  and perennial plantings.

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