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In the field

The soft fruit is now yielding  very well, except the new strawberries which have finished.  It has been an odd year — I ended up cutting oats ahead of lifting the garlic. It did mean I got the oats sufficiently dried to go in store the day before the rain arrived.   

Plans were distorted by compromising with the family over going on holiday so I was away for 2 1/2 weeks in April.  Thats the busy time for sowing and planting but surprisingly that hasn't been the problem this year.  Yes the celery died while I was away because it was totally dry — who would have predicted that  in April.  The new strawberries survived despite my doubts, helped no doubt by having been planted through landscape frabric which acts as a mulch and retaining moisture.

The shallots have been a huge success this year.  It was an experiment planting them through a 8 -10 centimtre of bracken mulch rather than taking away the mulch to use in compost.  Im very pleased with the results, and it was a noticeably less effort to weed- mostly a few volunter potatoes.   

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