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Dig for victory!
What is the obvious thing to do when you have a roasting hot bank holiday weekend a relatively clear schedule and a nagging bad back? In my case it is get stuck into a project I've wanted to do for a few years. Despite my conviction that looking after the soil and especially the soil biology is the priority when growing , this project required digging. The movement is good for the back , honest, and it was necessary as this new bed is close to the blackthorn hedge and consequently riddled with tree root and suckers. I also discoverd digging that lot out a couple of inconvenient small boulders that needed moving.

The plan is to put in perennials - comfrey and asparagus initially. I lek to put prennial beds at the bottom end of slopes - it means there something to catch eroding top soil or washed down fertility. And it pays to prepare perennial beds well. In this case I did it as a small hugelkultur set up. It has taken the best part of three days for a metre wide, 10 metre long bed. I'll have about 20 years to decide if it works once planted up.


Clear the grass turves

Make a trench a fill with logs then branches then twigs

Water, add hay then put the grass turves back upside down and cover with the trench soil.  Now a raised bed.


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